Youth Street Community Festival

Inspire & Support The Health And Wellbeing Of Adolescence Across Australia

Saturday September 5 2020

Free Online Zoom Event: 10am - 4pm
Ages 15 - 18


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Thoughts on the event

Event Includes

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership
  • Cyber Safety
  • Performing Arts
  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Self Defence
  • Hip Hop Artists
  • Yoga

“It looks awesome there is a huge amount of different speakers.”

Julie F

“If it takes my mind off lockdown and I can learn a new skill, count me in!"

Tobias H

About the Charity Partner

Save The Children

Save the Children works across 200 locations in Australia and more than 125 countries across the world helping children affected by conflict and disaster and delivering long-term development programs. Save the Children’s work in Australia, focuses on ensuring that children and young people participate and are engaged in learning, that families provide positive, safe and supportive home environments, and that communities are strong, connected and safe for children and young people.

Youth Street Community Festival Presenters

Rylie Connaughton

Event MC

Dale Sidebottom

Energetic Education

Jake Edwards

Outside The Locker Room

Jon Shepherd

Leaders Of Evolution

Rodrigo Castellanos

The MAT Program

Daniel Jaime

Baila Fitness

Trent Harris

Cyber Safety Project

Chris James

The Dreaming Space

Justyna Kalka

Clinical Nutritionist

Mel Hooper

Melsways Fitness

Fresh Violet

Hip Hop Artist

Isobel Mackay

Bel Mackay Yoga

See you there!
5 September 2020
10am - 4pm